Cheap & Cheerful Ways to Makeover Your Home

January 24, 2013


2013-01-22_15-09-43Sick of staring at the same old decor but don’t have much of budget? Small changes can make a big difference allowing you to easily create a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Here are some of my top tips to get you started:





2013-01-22_15-05-03Start off with a quick change of colour. Pick a colour you’d like to use as the accent. If you’re over your beige and brown, why not choose a colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel and use that as the base of your colour-planning.


whitewalls.jpegI am a huge fan of the white wall. An enduring classic look that always makes any room look larger, cleaner and fresher than before, you quite simply can’t go wrong with good ol’ white. Skirting boards and architraves can be done in high gloss or even a different feature colour.

IA_int_pink_accent_wall540x395Feature walls in strong colours (or even wallpapered) that pick up on a colour theme that matches your furniture, paintings, cushions or rugs can really add interest and can be very cheap to change as the seasons change. A quick revamp of a room with a new feature wall and a few cushions to match is the simplest, quickest way to breathe new life into your living area.


Cushions on a couch are like icing on a cake! They finish it off and make it look, well, finished!



Accent cushions add a statement – think a few dramatic cushions in a bold pattern on a dark coloured couch. If you’re looking for wow-factor, choose colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel (see above!).


Add a throw rug in a complimentary colour (even as a stark contrast) – the added benefit is you have something to keep you warm on cold winter’s nights!

Note how the rug doesn’t have to be in a colour or even match the cushions (below). But the green from the cushions is picked up behind with a complementary colour on the walls.


Notice (below) how even just a tiny pop of colour on a white couch in a basically neutral colour pallet can make such a strong impact?

2013-01-22_15-32-00And if colour isn’t your thing, bold stripes, checks or patterns in a neutral colour will still make a strong statement (below).



Group together multiple white picture frames or shadow boxes with family photos. Why not get some of your favourites printed in black and white (this can be done in minutes and very cheaply at Kmart or Big W) and frames don’t have to cost the earth either! Try Target, Kmart, Big W or Ikea for some cheap and cheerful but oh-so-effective options. You will be surprised at how much of an impact this little project can give to your home – and how cheaply it can be done!


grey wall photosAnd who says the photos have to be on a table OR even a wall? Try this nifty trick below for a quirky way to display your black and whites!



Maybe that old rug you’ve had for years just needs a good clean to bring it back to it’s former glory? Or perhaps a new shaggy rug is in order? Rugs add texture and warmth to any room, and they can cover up a multitude of spills and scratches too! Jute or sisal rugs look great too and are extremely hard-wearing.





Remember Grandma’s old wallpaper? Forget those old-fashioned florals. The range of beautiful new designs has really sparked a revival with wallpapered feature walls now proving a popular way of adding texture and colour to any room. Even the bathroom! Cheaper than feature tiles, you can really have some with designs for the bathroom. Make sure the pattern is in a size and colour that will complement the style of your room.



And speaking of bathrooms…

Just for a giggle – guys, imagine a life-sized photo of a gorgeous woman looking on in horror every time you visit the urinal on a boy’s night out? Better still, what about a photo of your wife staring back at you behind your own toilet at home? Now that really would be quite a talking piece wouldn’t it?!



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