Services include: Interior styling, product sourcing, real-estate makeovers (add value to your property before selling), custom-made timber furniture, and furniture leasing for display homes.

Why choose Shane Triffett – Changing Rooms and not an Interior Designer?

Working full time? Not enough time? Busy with the kids? Get your weekends back! You don’t want to spend every weekend dragging the family around furniture stores looking for the right products, do you? If you’re looking for a classic, neutral contemporary style without the price tag of an interior designer I am your guy. Here’s why:

–       I charge reasonable fees

–       I speak YOUR language

–       I know what your rooms need and can make them work better and look extra stylish with minimum fuss

–       I am hands-on, with a down-to-earth approach for the real person.

–       I source the products at better than retail prices

–       I do all the hard work for you!

–       Need a fresh, clean look in a short amount of time? Then let me do it for you.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me now for an obligation-free quote, and see how Changing Rooms can change your life!