Residential Styling

Shane’s style is a mix of modern classics; always simple but timeless. And there’s a good reason for that!  It allows your room to take on a different feel from season to season or when you are getting a little bored and just feel like a new look. If you follow his style direction you won’t ever find yourself locked into a fashion trend you have grown to dislike over time. It makes “changing rooms” so much easier as you, your tastes or life changes!

SO! What are you looking for? Do you have one or more rooms in your home that are looking a little tired? Perhaps you’ve circumstances have changed i.e. A new addition to the family, an empty-nest,  or the need to convert a room into a study or guest-room? Simply  tell Shane what you’re after and leave the rest up to him!

Shane will re-style your rooms using his personal access to a range of great furniture and homeware suppliers, selecting pieces in consultation with your requirements, budget and existing furniture.