Sourcing Furniture & Customised Timber Products

Sourcing Furniture

You have better things to do with your time and your family than dragging them around shops all weekend looking for a new lounge or dining suite, or even just the perfect cushions, don’t you? Shane will give you your weekends back. You and your family will bless the day you discovered Changing Rooms!

With personal access to number of major furniture suppliers, Shane will not only source the pieces you are after but will negotiate a better than retail price on your behalf. How? Because he knows who to contact and where to go for the best quality pieces to suit your needs. AND he doesn’t have to cover the expensive overheads like rent and staff either, so you always come out the winner!

Customised Timber Furniture

How often have you found a piece of furniture in a store only to find that it won’t fit your space? Or that the range of available colours just don’t suit your taste or your decor? Or perhaps you like what you see but want it in a different type of wood? Or in solid timber as opposed to timber veneer?

Shane can arrange for a fully customised hardwood timber furniture, made locally, delivered to your door within approximately 6 – 8 weeks. And he personally oversees the production every step of the way to ensure that it meets your needs.